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Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy Places 1st in the Restless Earth Workshop

Students at Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy in Walsall spent their summer term working on The Restless Earth Workshop, which culminated in a well-deserved victory.


The Restless Earth Workshop, run by the British Cartographic Society, is run in over 125 schools across the country in the 2016-2017 academic year. Of the over 3,500 maps entered for judging by the British Cartographic Society and Nottingham University, Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy celebrated winning the national award by placing first, as well as placing 4th, winning a highly commended certificate.


The experience was aimed to increase the students’ understanding of cartographic maps, as well as developing  their knowledge around geography and university learning, preparing and inspiring them for their next steps in the future. The workshop gave students the opportunity to work in depth with maps in teams of 3-5, with each member taking on individual roles as managers, military, medical and transport logistics and were responsible for making decisions about the best way to deal with the potential environmental issues.


The day began with a presentation from the British Cartographic Society focusing on the 2011 Japanese Tsunami. The students then worked in their teams to identify areas of the coast which would have been hit by the tsunami. The students were also expected to calculate an exclusion zone around the damaged Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, as well as decide the best locations for field hospitals and accommodation.

At the end of each activity, each team had produced a selection of maps, through which they had to explain their decisions and how it would save lives on the ground.


The winning team, Benjamin Marklew, Logan Hill, Tom Whitworth and Will Crofts were supported by the academy and their families, along with Mrs Mayo-Hollaway, to the British Cartographic Society to give a speech and receive their trophy, prizes (an atlas and maps book) and awards. 

Both students and parents of Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy were delighted with the achievement, with many keen taking up the offer of an online Geographical Information Systems course with ERSI.


Stuart Turnbull, Principal of Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy, said:

“The students were able to gain a lot of valuable experience throughout their participation in this workshop and we are very pleased with their hard work and dedication to expanding their understanding of geography.”

“Huge congratulations to our students on their success with the workshop, which I know has inspired many to want to continue further to further study these subjects and develop  their skills.”