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Consent form for Off-site Visits and Activities

Dear Parents/Carers


We are just into our new term and new school year and already we have been incredibly busy.

In the summer our Year 11 students were celebrating after receiving their GCSE results and our Year 13 students were overjoyed after achieving outstanding results, including a 100% pass rate in all academic and vocational entries.  This is a credit not only to our hardworking students and committed staff who invest so much time in supporting our students, but also to our parents.  With your support we are going from strength to strength.

We have had a really positive start back to the new year and it is really pleasing to see so many of our students ‘buying-in’ to some of the changes we have made and also into working to be a respectful, hard-working and successful student here at Shelfield.


The new Biometric enrolment system for cashless catering is now complete. Any students who have not enrolled due to opting out can continue to use their cards from last year. Replacement/new cards are £3 from Student Reception. Your child can be enrolled on the Biometrics system at any time in the future by returning the letter available from Main Reception. Cash will not be accepted at the tills after Friday

23rd September 2016.


Our Year 7 students have settled in wonderfully and are proving to be an excellent year group already.  We have been particularly impressed with how our Year 11 students have started back so clearly focused on their studies as this is such a crucial year for them.


We believe that the purpose of a school is to put students first and everything we do must reflect this goal, therefore there will be a core focus on the learning outcomes for our students.  In our achievement-orientated culture we want students to work hard and to want to learn and this is a reflection of our commitment to performance transparency and accountability of student results and achievement in our academy. 


There will be a range of extra-curricular activities after school and a range of visits and trips that we would encourage students to become involved with as we believe this broadens their experiences and also builds stronger relationships with their peers and staff.  We will also be having enrichment sessions where we are focussing on students’ academic knowledge, skills and understanding and these will happen after school and also during holiday time, particularly when we are approaching external examinations for Year 11 and Year 13 students.  We would appreciate your support in encouraging your child to attend as many extra-curricular activities as possible and in ensuring that they attend all additional enrichment sessions that they have been asked to participate in.

Here at Shelfield no individual element of our practice is revolutionary, it is the way in which our ideas are combined and embedded with rigour and simplicity.  It is really about being values driven, having a clear vision, focussing on results, operating strict routines, doing the simple things well every day and building relationships at all levels.


We want all of our community to subscribe to our values as we know that having a common set of values unties and brings people together to work towards a common goal.  Our values are important because they demonstrate our commitment to aspiration, positivity, responsibility and achievement in our daily actions and interactions.  We try to use these words as much as possible in conversations at Shelfield.


We would like to thank the vast majority of our parents/carers who ensure students are at school every day and on time.  Students are expected to be at school by 8.40am and in their form rooms ready for the start of the school day by 8.45am.  We will detain students who are late and chase all absences so please ring as soon as possible in the morning if your child is ill and not able to come to school.


Attached to this letter is a parental consent form for you to sign.  This consent form enables your child to participate in off-site activities that take place during school hours and which are a normal part of your child’s education, it also includes sporting fixtures that may take place after school.  We will always inform you well in advance of any visit or activity that your child is taking part in.  For any activities where a payment is required, a residential trip, or it is perceived to involve a higher level of risk, additional consent will be requested.  Please complete the form and ask your child to return it to their form tutor.


As always, thank you for your continued support.


Stuart Turnbull


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