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Curriculum Enrichment and Cultural Entitlement

Here at Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy we believe that all students should have a broad and balanced curriculum and access to a range of experiences to broaden cultural horizons.

Through our curriculum we ensure that students have the opportunity to experience a range of educational visits, guest speakers and learning outside of the traditional classroom environment.

The aim is to provide our students with a range of experiences in the arts, sport, literature, science, technology and across a range of broad areas.  Year 7 have experienced their first cultural entitlement day where they had the opportunity to take part in activities involving dance, cycling proficiency, first aid as well as getting to enjoy food from other cultures.  More detail about this day is outlined in the tabs below.


Learn to Earn

On the 29th and 30th January all year 10 students took part in the ‘Learn to Earn’ programme.  The programme has been developed by the nationally recognised organisation Young Enterprise.

During the two days business volunteers helped students to understand how education and continuous learning is key to their future success and happiness in work and in life.

Students explored themes such as career choices, personal skills and talents, recruitment and job interviews, salaries, earnings, tax and the costs of living, financial planning and budgeting.

Activities included: 

  • Describing personal hopes for the future and setting goals
  • Exploring career choices that are aligned to personality traits and personal interests
  • Recognising and comparing cost of living expenses and salaries to create and balance an annual budget
  • Playing a board game to illustrate the relationship between education and achieving personal goals

The finale and highlight of the day was a role-play interview to explore the qualities, skills, qualifications and experience that employers look for in potential employees.

Year 10 were a credit to the academy and were highly praised by our visitors who have offered their support to repeat the programme with year 9 students later in the year.

We hope that you will ask your young people about the programme which we are sure will have raised many questions in their minds about their future lives, ambitions and aspirations.

Welcome to the £1 Charity Challenge 2014/15

The original challenge was set as follows for years 7 & 8.  Year 9 have also completed the project during the spring term.

You will be given £1 for every person in your form group.  Your challenge is to turn that £1 into as much money as possible in any (legal!) way.

  • You can work individually, in small groups or as a whole form group
  • You will plan what to do during form time
  • The challenge will take place from now until Friday 12th December
  • The winning form group will be released from lessons to watch a DVD of their choice in the theatre and have refreshments in the dining room

The students worked through warm up activities to get their ideas flowing.  They charted their skills development with an enterprise skills card.  They researched charities to support.  They decided on activities and products and carried out their plans.

Overall the students made a clear profit of circa £1400 after repaying their initial investment money.  The money will be distributed according to the students’ wishes to the following nominated charities: 


  1. Charity Thank you letters